With the Dialog Generator, your development team can create both Classic and Touch UI dialogs faster, more reliably and more dynamically. By using the Dialog Generator, your frontend developers without AEM experience can also create AEM components extremely quickly and reliably, since you only need to create objects described by interfaces to use the Dialog Generator. The susceptibility to errors compared to classical dialog creation decreases considerably, the dynamization through dialog objects with external dependencies, e.g. to styling libraries, increases.

They have 4 components, which can be set with 3 standardized background colors. These background colors are defined by your UI/UX team. In case of a change, your developers would have to edit 4 dialogs individually, the susceptibility to spelling mistakes with one of the components is high. By using the Dialog Generator, the colors can be defined in an object that is referenced by each dialog of the 4 components. Through this direct dependency you can make changes to all 4 components in one place, the error susceptibility and workload is therefore only ¼ in contrast to the classic dialog creation.

The validation of dialog objects by using interfaces in the dialog generator guarantees correct generation, since incorrect entries are immediately displayed as errors. The developers can follow the template and get all possible combinations directly. Compared to the classical dialog creation, which does not allow validation, this solution is a considerable relief for the developers and at the same time the possibility to quickly enter the component development for AEM without AEM know-how.

The dialog generator creates all necessary AEM files automatically, the dialog files as well as analytics and the HTML file of the component. The generation of the HTML file in combination with our REACT integration approach in AEM also allows you to complete the completion of the AEM component using templates with only a single build process. Of course, the classic component development can also be carried out and the generation of the HTML file can be excluded, so that you still profit from the generation of the XML files.

The download via NPM as well as the corresponding documentation can be found here:
NPM Package: Teclead AEM Dialog Generator