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Cross-industry expert knowledge is used in Your Adobe AEM Development and gives your internal development teams new drive, significant productivity gains and higher output.

Adobe AEM Experts
We combine business and IT know-how

Alexander Schmidt

Founder, Technical Expert

Alexander Schmidt supports you in the areas of IT strategy, IT architecture and software development. His core competencies lie in the conception and implementation of scalable AEM projects and the targeted building of knowledge in internal development teams.

Tony Schumacher

Founder, AEM Experte

Tony Schumacher enjoys the trust of IT executives of well-known German companies. His extensive project experience in Adobe AEM, combined with expertise in project management, IT architecture and full stack development makes him your top contact when it comes to the conception and implementation of your AEM projects.

More sales

The results of your investment, with Teclead, will multiply the output of your departments, enabling you to reach your customers in a targeted and effective way. product launches and marketing campaigns can be carried out faster and give you a considerable competitive edge.

Fast product launches & campaigns

Our experts provide your teams with comprehensive know-how from successfully completed AEM projects. Your technical potentials will be analyzed, optimized and raised to a scalable level.

Productive Teams

Your development teams benefit from technical and organizational expertise from various economic sectors. In addition to development, we look at deployment, testing and handover processes and eliminate technical burdens, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Companies from the fields of
Banking, Insurance and Automotive
trust our expertise